Hourly IT Services

When you need help with your IT services, EVERNET's pay as you go support can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Hourly Tech Support Billing – Our hourly rate is billed in 15-minute increments so you only ever pay for the time you actually use.
  • Software Training and Support – Not only are we there when your business needs help recuperating from a disaster, we can help train your team to help prevent the next one.
  • Incidental Support – Call us when you need us, for anything at all.
  • Remote Support – Get support over the phone or schedule an appointment, whatever you need.
  • IT Consulting – Product and services recommendations, business process support, network design, configuration, and implementation, broken computers - we are everything you need.
  • Diagnostics - Our ad hoc IT services aren't limited to break/fix. We can provide diagnostics on anything from network security to poor internet speeds.

The cost of hiring a full time CIO, Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Software Specialist, and Help Desk Technician can be astronomical, yet every high performing business needs these roles. High salaries and underutilized people can significantly eat into a company's profits. This can prevent a company from growing or get in the way of the founder making a good living.

By outsourcing your IT to EVERNET and utilising our pay as you go IT services, your company can access the knowledge power of these roles only when you need them, seriously driving down the cost of operating your company. When it comes to the dependable IT support you're going to need, a strong relationship with EVERNET will be there to empower your organization. Access our professional and friendly team of experts today.

Ad hoc IT support is perfect for small businesses, medium sized businesses and any business which is still in the process of growing. This is because the IT skills you are looking for today may be very different to the ones you require in six month's time. Why hire a full-time employee when you can access IT support on demand and only pay for the time you actually need them?

The relationship, experience and tech support expertise you will get with EVERNET is absolutely unbeatable. Call us today to see how accessible our affordable, professional, on demand tech support services can be for you.