The Client Portal is a powerful tool for our clients to participate in their relationship with us. From it, our clients can do the following things:

  • Create and contribute to support tickets.
  • View Project details, calendar, attachments, communicate with Project Team, and more.
  • Access all documentation we have on file, including usernames, passwords, warranties, software licenses, and more.
  • Review Invoices, Block Hour and Retainer Reports. Paying invoices online is available through the link found in each emailed invoice.
  • Access Knowledgebase Articles that we have drafted on our own or with your collaboration. See all articles that are published for all clients and those that are only pertaining to your account. This is a very powerful tool if you have a specific set of steps for a often repeated task, like setting up a new user or computer.

There are three Security Levels a client can choose to have for each of its users and the Security Level dictates what information and rights they have in the portal. Please be clear with your Account Manager as to who should have what Security Level in the Client Portal.

By Default, the Primary and Billing Contacts at the client will have Manager rights. All other users who request access to the Client Portal will be set to Basic and requests from the Primary and or Billing Contact must be made to elevate all other users.

Here is a table of the Security Levels:

User has access to:
Tickets they create, are assigned to, are the Ticket Contact, or are a Ticket Approver
Projects on which they are a team member
Knowledgebase (if Knowledgebase is turned on for the client)
All tickets, including Subsidiary Tickets
All projects at their organization
Tickets Data actions permitted
Create new Service Requests (and add Notes and Attachments)
Can view Service Provider Priority
Can set Service Provider Priority on ticket creation
Project actions permitted
View project schedule
Email members of the project teamXXX
View/add project notes
View project attachmentsXXX
View project calendar itemsXXX
View project tasks he or she is assigned toXXX
Add issuesXXX
View project charges
View estimated hoursX
ProfileView/edit own profileXXX
Portal Admin
Create and manage Client Portal logins
Create and manage Queues
Create and manage Request Type Preferences
Create and manage Vendors
Create and manage Out of Office Settings
Create and manage Scheduled Off Hours
Access Knowledgebase (if Knowledgebase is turned on for the client).
Only articles marked "public" can be seen by a client user
ReportsView Invoice and Block Hour Reports